Such a development is called a balance sheet change. However, it is not conducive to the overview if you have to process every change or development in the balance sheet. It is therefore customary to report these mutations separately.

Keep in mind that the balance transactions should also be in balance. Suppose you purchased new computer equipment for the employees at the office last summer. The costs: € fifteen thousand. 

For the balance transaction, this means that you have to add € 1500 to your current inventory, while the same amount has to be deducted from the business bank account . In this way, the balance remains in balance.

Need help with drawing up the balance sheet?

Do you have serious doubts whether everything is correct? Always submit the balance sheet drawn up by you to an accountant or accountant first. You can of course also choose to outsource the entire accounting to a professional.

This can be a wise decision – especially if you yourself are not a hero in administrative matters. In that case you must of course take into account extra costs.

Outsourcing business administration

The amount of this amount depends on which part of the business administration you outsource, but for a self-employed person the average costs are estimated at approximately € 600 per year.

Entrepreneurs with employees can quickly count on around € 1,500 on an annual basis.