Investing in quality leather lounges may cost a small fortune but it is a lifetime investment, thanks to the durability. These lounges look better with years, which means you do not have to worry about replacement anytime soon. However, you need to care for your furniture to make them maintain its timeless looks.

There is an erroneous assumption that leather requires high maintenance but this is far from the truth. With the correct approach, it is possible to maintain the excellent condition of your leather lounges without spending on expensive repairs or cleaning equipment. So, how can you clean and maintain your furniture pieces to ensure that they keep looking good and stylish?

Clean your leather lounge regularly

Regular cleaning improves the lifespan and appearance of leather furniture because it is a hard material. However, if you do not regularly clean it, it can begin to look dull and worn out. It is recommended that you set at least one day in a week out to care for your lounges. Clean every area of the lounges to avoid mismatched colors on your furniture.

Usually, when leather is treated, you will notice a small alteration in the color. If you do not clean every part, there may be a distinct difference between the cleaned areas and the unclean part. To clean the lounges, follow the simple steps below:

  • Brush off dust and dirt from the leather with a soft cloth. You can also use a vacuum to get to the hidden parts.
  • Dampen a cloth and wipe down the lounges. It is recommended that you check how the leather material will react to water by wiping a hidden part of the furniture. Ensure you do not soak the sofa because leathers and large liquid quantities do not go well together. If everything looks good after the test, you can clean the whole leather lounges with a damp cloth.
  • Allow the leather to dry naturally and do not allow anyone to sit on it until it is completely dry.

Condition your leather lounge regularly

Leather has some components of oils that should be restored regularly. This helps to maintain the supple and soft nature of the leather. However, with regular use, the natural oil properties reduce and this is why it is recommended that you use a specialized conditioner for your leather lounges. This will improve its look and prevent it from cracking and drying out.

Keep it away from heat sources

The level of exposure of your leather lounges to sunlight and heat sources can cause cracking and dryness. Therefore, you should place your furniture in a spot that is away from the windows to protect it from direct sunlight. It should also not be placed close to fireplaces, radiators, or air conditioning units.

Buff, it to preserve shine

The stunning natural shine that comes with new leather lounges is one of the top attractions. To retain the shine, it is recommended that you buff it. You can use a soft cloth or microfiber to buff it. It will not only retain the natural shine but will also minimize the appearance of scuffs and scratches after long use.

Plump it each day

Maintaining the shape of your leather lounges is as important as keeping them cleaned. It is recommended that you plump the lounges after each day to keep it looking great and maintain the support it offers. The best part is that it does not take long to plump and it is also easy to do.

Maintaining the look and shape of your leather lounges is very important. In this post, we have shared simple but very effective tips to do this.