Desperate to get your hands on some British candy? Well, you’re not alone! Plenty of people in Australia would love to try or re-experience some of the unique sweets from the United Kingdom but have not had an easy time trying to import them.

After all, shipping some sweets in from overseas can seem like a bit of an effort. That’s why companies that import and stock British candy here in Australia are so great!

That’s right – there are businesses that you can order individual or bulk items from that are imported from the UK. This is easily the most convenient and affordable way to get your hands on classics like Lemon Sherbets, Wine Gums, Fox’s Glacier, and other classics.


All types of British candy – old and new!

Not only do these shops have classic sweets from 

classic chocolates

decades past, but they also have new ones as well. The sweet-makers in the UK are always coming up with new tasty products, and these shops allow people in Australia to experience them and not miss out on all the new delicious flavors.

This is just so convenient since you can get all of the British candy that you want without having to pay overseas shipping costs. These shops import the sweets in bulk so that they pay less and pass on these savings to their customers.


More than just sweets!

The bonus is that these shops don’t just carry British candy – they carry a range of different supermarket products from the UK. This includes crisps (chips), drinks, and even laundry and baby supplies. Basically, the most popular UK products you wish you could get in Australia are available here!

Even just browsing these websites is a great nostalgia trip for anyone who grew up in the UK, as they will see many of the items they would have seen in the supermarket. This is why the items found here can make excellent little gifts for people you know who might miss a certain type of sauce or brand of chips but can’t normally get access to them in Australia.


Lots of special offers!

Of course, any good store selling British candy will have special discounts and offers from time to time which makes it exciting to shop there and hunt for a deal. This can be a great way to find something to buy in bulk so that you save a lot of money at once and have access to your favourite UK treat for a longer period.

Some of these special offers could include special selection offers that package a bunch of products together. This can be a great treat for someone you know from the UK, but you don’t know exactly what they like.

Often times the sight of these items and the memories they bring are more valuable as a gift than the British candy itself. Whatever the case, it can be a great value way to delight someone you know from the UK and who might cherish a little memory from home.

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about shops in Australia that sell British candy. They do so much more than just import sweets from the UK, and they provide great value to people who want to use them to buy in bulk or buy a selection of treats to give as a gift.

Do yourself a favour and head over to one of these websites to browse the selection of delicious treats and other times that they have. You certainly won’t regret it!