Winning The Market

Balance Sheet Mutation

Such a development is called a balance sheet change. However, it is not conducive to the overview if you have to process every change or development in the balance sheet. It is therefore customary to report these mutations separately. Keep in mind that the balance transactions should also be in balance. Suppose you purchased new computer equipment for the employees at the office last summer. The costs: € fifteen thousand.  For the balance transaction, this means that you have to…

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How To Fearlessly Deal With Threats That Could Compromise Your Business

In the minds of successful entrepreneurs, but also in that of the most rampant freelancers, there is a fixed thought: how to maintain your competitive advantage. This is because once you get to the goal, another challenge begins, perhaps even more difficult, and that is to stay on the crest of the wave. Threats are around every corner, and Mark Zuckerberg recently demonstrated it crystal clear when Facebook betrayed its subscribers’ privacy. The Palo Alto giant took the hit but…

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